Reduce Pain

For thousands of years Eastern Cultures have used ‘Acupressure’ and more recently ‘Acupuncture’ to help maintain health of the body and mind and reduce tensions and pain in the body and joints.

Here we look at some of the ‘self help’ releases and pressure points to help reduce pain and tensions throughout the whole body. This can help reduce; joint/back pain, headaches and stress and help improve digestion, sleep, energy levels and to boost the immune system.

Find your Tensions

The activities of modern life develop postural strains and muscle imbalances that can build up over time leading to long term problems.

By finding out where your own personal tensions and restrictions are, and how to simply release them, you can start to develop your own routine of ‘self help’ to reduce these tensions and prevent them from building up.

Improve your Posture

The activities of modern life such as; sitting for long hours, bending incorrectly, using mobile phones/ computers for long hours, can give rise to POOR POSTURE in the body, which can place pressure on our joints, and nerves, as well as leading to crowding of our organs resulting in poor digestion breathing and even cardiovascular and urinary conditions. As well as even affecting how we feel and our mood.

By learning simple techniques you can improve your posture, making your body function and feel better.

Reconnect to Nature

In ancient times we lived and moved in a Natural terrain, our lifestyle was our exercise which kept our bodies moving naturally, coordinated, supple and elastic and kept our minds activate, Switched On and in tune with our bodies and our surroundings.

In modern times we live in an artificial environment, many times cut off from nature, through concrete floors, rubber soled shoes and city smog.

We promote to get out into Nature wherever possible, to train, move, and become in tune with the environment. Many people don't go into nature simply because they are unsure or afraid of becoming injured. In our classes we teach the Fundamental principles of movement to protect your joints around the home as well as developing Movements and coordination to move safely and competently in Nature.

Become a well being

We often don't think about 'Exercising' or 'Mobilising' our organs, but it has been part of the Traditional Natural Movement and Medicine systems of the Eastern countries for thousands of Years.  Exercising our Organ through breathing exercises can help mobilise our organs so they can function at their optimum potential for health and Well being, and something Dennis Documented in his privately published book in 1989

Brain Integration

Poor communication between the two halves of our brain can often lead to poor coordination, movement and conditions such as dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

Learning movements to help develop the coordination between the two halves of the brain can lead to improved learning and problem solving abilities, academic and sports performance and brain health as we age.

  • “As little as ten minutes of the OrthoBalance principles help to restore my energy and emotional balance – It is now part of my everyday routine”

    Esme Close – E-Commerce Coordinator

  • “As a professional sports person, their help and support is making a huge difference to my levels of consistency and sports performance – Thank you!”

    James Harper – Golf Professional