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Here we look at some of the simple principles and ‘natural medicine’ you can do yourself at home to reduce stress and inflammation in the body, boost your immune system, energy and overall wellbeing.










Reset your Posture

We could learn a lot by observing animals and our pets that still instinctively 'reset' their postural muscles and fascia after periods of inactivity, that scientists are now calling 'Pandiculation'

Learn some of the simple movements that can help to develop and maintain the mobility of your joints, and reset your postural muscles and fascias while at home.

Stay at home Mobility Article pdf.
#1 Use Ancient Postures to ease stress on the spine
Our Body was designed to Squat, kneel and sit cross legged not sit in chairs. This maintains the mobility and health of our joints, and eases stress on the spine that sitting in chairs can cause. At regular intervals swap the chair for the ground and sit in the Natural positions we are designed to as humans. If you cant squat fully it can indicate restrictions in your ankles, knees, hips and lower back, check out our tutorial on some tips to help develop your squat

#2 Go Barefoot/Grounding
Science is now showing that the natural terrain for our feet is a barefoot one. In ancient times our ancestors wore minimalist, or no shoes at all. This helped develop and 'tone up' the muscles in our feet to support our arches, as well as stimulate the reflexology points in our feet, that relate to all the organs in our body. 'Grounding' is a new emerging science that shows by placing our bare feet on the earth we absorb charged electrons from the earths naturally magnetic surface which act as antioxidants, reducing inflammation, reducing stress and boosting the immune system, and is one of the best sources of 'Natural Medicine'
The next best thing to going barefoot is using 'BAREFOOT' or 'MINIMALIST' shoes, that still allow our foot to work as it was naturally designed. Brilliant to help develop natural foot arch strength and healthy feet for everyone including kids!
#3 Take a cold shower for Mental Health

In modern times and especially during isolation, lots of us can suffer from mental health problems. Cold water swimming and bathing is something that we have done as humans since our time began. As well as helping to reduce inflammation in the body, it can help stimulate the adrenal system and balance the chemicals in the body which can help with mental health disorders. Some doctors have even been prescribing cold water swimming for patients with depression and anxiety, so take the plunge! Wim Hof has wide acclaim for showing the scientific benefits of cold water immersion, including helping still the mind, and boosting the Immune system! We got the opportunity to train with Wim a couple of Years ago, and like to share his principles, here is a link to his website

#4 Acupressure and Breathing for Wellbeing
Acupressure has been used in Eastern cultures for thousands of years to help maintain wellbeing and reduce symptoms of headaches, joint pain, as well as helping to detoxify the body and boost the body's immune system. Here we take a look at 3 simple pressure points to help improve Immune system, circulation, Energy levels, as well as a simple breathing technique that can help reduce stress and improve sleep.
#5 Get out into Nature
We all feel better when we get out into Nature, but we often don’t know why! Research has now started to show the scientific benefits of why getting outdoors makes our bodies function and feel better

  • “As little as ten minutes of the OrthoBalance principles help to restore my energy and emotional balance – It is now part of my everyday routine”

    Esme Close – E-Commerce Coordinator

  • “As a professional sports person, their help and support is making a huge difference to my levels of consistency and sports performance – Thank you!”

    James Harper – Golf Professional