Meet The Team....

Dennis Bartram Team Leader

*Lifetime Study of Natural Movement Principles.
45 years of Martial training
35 years of study with Dr.Masaaki Hatsumi (PhD)
Menkyo Kaiden Teaching Rights to Natural Japanese Medicine from 'School of Self Protection'
*His passion lies in sharing his stories and principles of Natural Movement Principles.
*Dennis has now taken his passion for helping people to Horses aswell.
*He enjoys spending his weekends in his garden, hanging out with family and walking across logs!

Chris Bartram

*Dennis' son was the subject of Dennis' Book Active Balance in 1989.
*Is Qualified as Fitness Instructor and Sports Therapist
*Runs a busy clinic as an Amatsu Orthopath.
*Qualified as a 'Shinrin Yoku' Practitioner and leads classes into Nature.
*He is a 5th Dan in Budo Martial Training.
*Loves being outdoors and the Natural Environment.
*Chris often spends his weekends away in his van exploring, climbing up hills and ghylls, and a quick dip to cool off!
*Natural Movement is his passion.

James Skidmore

*Has been Qualified in Sports Coaching and Sports Science and for over 10 years.
*Runs a busy Clinic as an Amatsu Orthopath, helping people return their body's back to Alignment.
*He is a 5th Dan in Budo Martial Training.
*James really enjoys spending his weekends outdoors Hiking, walking his dog, and Climbing Waterfalls!

Charlotte Dresser

*Charlotte Chris' sister is our Orthobalance Apprentice and has grown up around the Principles of Natural Movement and OrthoBalance
*She has a talent for climbing and is a Qualified NIBAS Level 3 Instructor.
*Is currently training in Amatsu Therapy.
*Charlotte has a real passion for travelling and the Outdoors
*Most weekends she can be found outdoors either, climbing, paddle boarding and has a love for Wild Swimming!


  • “As little as ten minutes of the OrthoBalance principles help to restore my energy and emotional balance – It is now part of my everyday routine”

    Esme Close – Digital Marketing Executive

  • “As a professional sports person, their help and support is making a huge difference to my levels of consistency and sports performance – Thank you!”

    James Harper – Golf Proffessional