What is OrthoBalance?

Take control of your WELLBEING with SIMPLE principles based on thousands of years of Research

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OrthoBalance is a blend of Eastern and Western concepts designed to help you to keep your body and mind balanced and in their optimal state.

Learn powerful techniques to reduce pain, tension, inflammation and boost your immune system, that have been used for thousands of years.


OrthoBalance blends self massage reflex points and mobility with natural movement and breathing techniques to help improve and maintain Posture, Body Alignment, Reduce Pain, Boost your Immune System and help you to re-connect with your body and re-discover Wellbeing.


The Key is to get back to Nature....

Back and joint pain, immobility and mental health disorders are just some of the symptoms we are starting to see because of becoming disconnected from Nature and Natural Principles.

In Ancient times we were much more in tune with Nature and our body's, and WELLBEING was built into our everyday lifestyle.

We aim to give you the LIFE SKILLS to Re-Balance your body and safely rediscover and reconnect to Nature.

Reduce Pain

Improve Posture

Boost Immune System

Learn about your Body
Body Maintenance / Injury Prevention
Movement Performance
Wellbeing and Breathing


Reduce Tension

Improve Movement

Improve Breathing

Brain / Neurological Development
Natural Joint Mobility
Body - Mind Integration
Age-ility (Age related Movement)

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    "At the end of the class I felt so Switched on! Its almost like training for the brain as much as the body! " Jeanette Elizabeth age 45

    • “As little as ten minutes of the OrthoBalance principles help to restore my energy and emotional balance – It is now part of my everyday routine”

      Esme Close – E-Commerce Coordinator

    • “As a professional sports person, their help and support is making a huge difference to my levels of consistency and sports performance – Thank you!”

      James Harper – Golf Professional